Skincare Services

Dolce Vita’s Facial Treatments using PCA Skin skincare products. 

 Everyone’s skin is so unique that each facial is customized to deliver outstanding results. After a consultation we customize a facial treatment that fits your skin type. Each Facial (excluding Teen Facials & Express Facials) include cleanse, 1 to 2 levels of exfoliation, extractions, facial, neck, and shoulder massage, customized mask, and appropriate corrective serums followed by moisturizer and sunscreen.



Services List

Express Facial
The quick fix for troubled skin and the ideal maintenance service between Skin Treatments
Signature Custom Facial
Our signature facial is a customized facial that is suitable for all skin types—including Oily, Dehydrated, Aging, or Combination. A deep cleanse and tone is followed by exfoliation to polish away impurities. Steam or warm towels are applied prior to extractions, to clear out congestion and reveal a fresh complexion.
Teen Facial
Acne Facial
Perfect for acne-prone and sensitive complexions, this service combines a customized facial with a focus on extractions followed by an anti-bacterial high-frequency treatment to correct and prevent blemishes and inflammation.
Anti-Aging Facial
Get your daily dose of Vitamin C with this anti-aging facial packed with vitamins and antioxidants to fight free radical damage and erase the signs of aging for a more youthful complexion. Recommended For: Dull, uneven tone and texture. Not recommended for very sensitive skin and acneic skin
Back Facial
Our Customized Facial for the back to help clear clogged pores, inflammation, and “backne.” This treatment will tend to the hard to reach back area and focus on cleansing and extractions, it will leave your skin fresh and unclogged for an all over glow
Mens Facial
Reflexology Treatment
Reflexology provides a total body relaxation, leading to balancing of all internal and external body systems. Reflexology is applied pressure to reflex points on your hands and feet. These points relate to your internal organs, glands and body structure. When pressure is applied, energy can flow freely, re-balancing the body and assisting in restoring health.
*Add on with a facial treatment for $35
Oxygenating Trio Facial
Hydrate thirsty skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles with the stimulating power of OXYGEN; this is the perfect pick for environmentally damaged or dehydrated skin. Our specialty serum infused oxygen treatment boosts skin’s vitality and increases absorption of vitamins A, C, E and other nutrients
Oxygenating & Detoxifying Facial
A combination of the Oxygenating Trio facial followed by a Reflexology treatment to detoxify your body of impurities.
The Dolce Vita Deluxe Facial
Let go and completely unwind in this deeply relaxing facial experience. Pamper your skin with a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), & masque targeted to your individual needs of your skin followed by face massage and finishing with a hand and arm massage. An additional face masque as well as an eye & lip treatment are also included. This is a great gift certificate choice.
PCA Corrective Peel
These advanced corrective peels treat dehydrated skin, remove hyperpigmentation, diminish blemishes, fine lines, scarring, and other signs of aging. Replete with plumping phytohormones, lactic, azelaic and kojic acids the peel delivers refreshed, hydrated and perfected skin without discomfort or downtime.